Introducing Bytety

By Netopya on Mon Dec 16th 2013 11:01 AM

After creating byte arrays by hand a couple of times for my previous project, the AEMD Alpha, I decided to create Bytety! Bytety is a simple app that allows you to draw graphics onto an array and produce the coded array for you! This is great for creating graphics for single colored LED Matrices powered by controllers like the Arduino, and probably many other things. First enter in the dimensions of your LED matrix, and then click on the boxes to toggle the state of the LED they represent. You can also hold down any key to then hover over the boxes to change multiple LEDs at once. If things get too big, you can also change the zoom. The code is generated in real time in the box below. You can have an infinite amount of rows (y) but you are probably limited to 63 columns (things might get funny after that). If you need more, or you encounter any bugs, let me know. Enjoy!


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